T2 Setting Up a Base

Positioning yourself physically within a specific context can be a first, active, step in developing a nuanced understanding of issues, politics, dynamics, and norms. Setting up a base that is legible and visible to others sends out the message that you are there and that you might be seeking some sort of exchange. The details, the rules, the aims and the modes of this exchange will need to be carefully communicated and contributions sought through appropriate channels. Setting up a local base to work in an area is widely used by designers and artists.

When you are planning to set up a base within a speci c context you need to be mindful of what your motives are versus the needs or desires of those you interact with, and ensure that the exchanges sought are not of an exploitative nature. You also need to be aware of local customs and ways of doing things, and plan an engagement and communication strategy that is sensitive and inclusive. Whatever the duration of your local base, you need to carefully plan an exit strategy that is acceptable to all participants.