T2 Setting Up a Base

E1 Gülsuyu-Gülensu Dükkânı

Cultural Agencies (a project by Nikolaus Hirsch, Philipp Misselwitz, Oda Projesi)

“Located in the centre of the neighbourhood, the Dükkân became the most essential tool to provide visibility of the project in the neighbourhood, and build trust with the local community. ... Gülsuyu-Gülensu Dükkânı will function as a space for collecting the memory of Gülsuyu-Gülensu through meeting with the local people either passing by or arranging meetings. This archive will create one possible narrative of the neighborhood with the photos and documentation from periods of 50’-80’-90’, we ask from people concerning the past of the site. The conducting of an inclusive alternative planning process will led to broad community mobilisation which require logistical planning, the setting up of venues for meetings and discussions, etc. What could a spatial, social and organisational scenario for this process look like? Cultural Agencies investigates and critically apply the role of the Dükkân in this, both as a location and generating content.”


Cultural Agencies, “Culture between Institutions and Agency in Instanbul”, in Doina Petrescu, Constantin Petcou, and Nishat Awan, eds., TRANS LOCAL ACT Cultural Practices Within and Across, 373–76 (Paris: aaa/peprav, 2010).

Rhyzom: www.rhyzom.net/projects/cultural.agencies